Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Bring it on!

Unlike Hercules that was punished by the Gods and had to undertake a series of tasks, I am willingly offering myself to the universe to volunteer my energy to 12 different projects / organisations / community groups this year (yes, one per month). So here's the thing; I believe in service exchange and even more in the gift economy (not expecting anything in return). Life has shown me again and again that "what goes around comes around". I'm in a privileged position compared to a huge percentage of the population on this planet. I open the tap and clean water comes out of it. I can easily fix my bicycle's flat tyres. I can buy, get given or rescue food. I have more than one pair of shoes. I can skype with my far away relatives to catch up on life. I wake up without worries and go to bed feeling safe. I'm heard. I can express publicly my love for others. I have a fantastic part-time job that is fairly paid. I don't need to work more to pay for things I can avoid buying in the first place. I can read and write. I have time to spend with the people I love and doing things I'm passionate about. I can breath fresh air, wash my clothes in a washing machine and watch movies online. I can flush the toilet and buy toilet paper. I can dress up and give hugs. I "can see the beauty every day, and source my life from its presence". I can't thank life enough for all its gifts. I want to give something back and record the adventure. If you want to be one of my "tasks" please get in touch. I would love to hear from you and hopefully meet you. Just tell me how your project is part of the solution / creating change. That’s all. Simple.


  1. You, your energy & your project are already part of the solution! i wish you a wonderful 2012 !

  2. Hi Ki! Thanks for your comment. It made me smile. Much light, Calu

  3. Hi Calu, I'm so inspired by your project!
    We met briefly at the Catalyst council and you really ignited my imagination with the mural you did of the week-end, you have such a skill for harvesting collaborative thinking and creativity, I'm drawing so much more because of you and I love it!

    I really love your project and I'm hoping your gonna love our project and come and work with us on our little boat in London....looking forward to seeing you on saturday, don't worry if you don't remember me!

    Tem xxx

  4. Calu resueno con todo lo tuyo, somos uno.