Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Task No. 2 · "The Thing"

(What's this "12 tasks" all about? Service exchange + gift economy + meeting people + promoting fantastic projects. Read about it here).

"If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it".

I enjoyed so much
Task No. 1 that I thought to myself: "wouldn't it be nice if I had some more drawing / doodling / illustrating projects?". I don't like spending more time on my computer than I do on life (I really hope you too) so the idea of using my hands more creatively without touching a mouse was really tempting. Three days later -read well- only THREE days later Johannes invited me (and my graphic recording skills) to a "secret" meeting in a boat. I met Johannes at a Catalyst council weekend and bump into each other a couple of time thanks to LifeBeat.

At 10am on a Saturday morning a group of creative people from different walks of life, gathered on a floating meeting room to discuss "The Thing". I know it sounds like a horror movie but fear not as it's a provisional name for a social enterprise that will combine
(1) education for aspiring social innovators and change-makers, (2) un-used spaces and resources, and (3) community entrepreneurship.

This was no boring meeting at all. There were coloured pens and pencils, crayons and coloured paper to take "notes" or to draw ideas. People sat or laid on the floor and gifted their listening skills. Although you could say from outside that it looked more like an art class, people's feedback was really valuable in all levels. It's so fulfilling when people are working on issues they care about; it brings them to life. This wonderful, beautiful, stunning dimension that is life. And in a way we all want to be doing what we love and getting some retribution for it. Could we imagine a world where this is possible? I do and I hope we are all taking small steps towards making it happen. Is money our biggest barrier in achieving our dreams? I think it isn't, at least not in my life so it would be a shame to ignore the opportunity I have been given.

"How to 'get things done' without money is a pressing question for many people these days. Volunteers & gifts have often been the answer. But is this really serving the people giving resources and the wider system as a whole? I'm curious about how we can exchange value without money, and how people can receive value for giving. It seems like a good starting point would be to become conscious about how we are thinking about and recognizing value" shared Johannes.

don't know him that well, neither some of the people I've met before and came across again that Saturday. Nevertheless you feel that familiarity, that sense of community, that awareness of connection. And that's enough to lift my hand and say "I'm in!".

Are you living your dream? Do you wake up most mornings happy to be alive and grateful for having a gratifying job? Is "doing the right thing" more important than your happiness?

Thanks for reading me. Pass it on. I'm open for Task No. 3.

Much light

Artist - Suzanne Millius


  1. Proud to be your friend, actually one of your girlfriends (novia) you are my inspiration, you know that

  2. LOVE u & ur passion for life, love, & service! xXx